$BUSDY Stuffs its Double dApp with Face-melting Utility, Now Featuring our NFT Marketplace: NFTiddy

Busdy Token
3 min readJul 28, 2022

From concept to creation, an artist-friendly NFT marketplace that transcends the likes of OpenSea and Rarible into one easy to use platform

Introduction to NFTiddy

What’s better than $BUSDY, the bodacious anime token, having its own NFT Marketplace? There are no transparent NFT marketplaces that value the experience of their users and artists. Further, there are no marketplaces which plan to host intricate NFTs, from unique utility contracts to eccentric forms of anime art. NFTiddy plans to shake-up the traditional pattern in which NFTs are traded all while providing a platform for projects, influencers, and artists to host their creations/services on.

NFTiddy Features

Created by the talented developer Emperor of BitValley, NFTiddy presents itself with a sleek and easy to use user interface. The marketplace allows users to buy, sell, and trade NFTs on the Binance Smart Chain, as well as mint collections of their own.

The Founders Collection

The first collection will be the BUSDY founders NFTs. There will be a total of 200 founders NFTs, with 150 available to mint for 1 BNB and an extra 50 set aside to be used in negotiating partnerships with other brands and influencers.

Holders of these NFTs will reap the rewards of the marketplace, as a small percentage of all transactions will be distributed to holders. Similar to how the Tiddy Twister uses bridging fees to distribute BUSD, the founders NFTs will do the same with NFTiddy. All of this added rewards distribution comes on top of the 15% BUSD rewards holders already receive dependent on token trading volume.

Prospective Partnerships?

$BUSDY plans to use NFTiddy to conjure partnerships between mainstream influencers, both in and out of the crypto realm. As of now, we are not willing to reveal our plans of negotiation nor insight on what is to come. However, we will say, we have structured plans of profitability that could benefit influencers on various platforms to a generous degree.

These NFTs will be unique in their own right, as they will be exclusively attached to their respective influencer. Profit sharing will differentiate in dependance of the distinctive negotiations entertained with each individual influencer.

These NFTs hold the purpose of (1) intimately connecting the NFT holder with their beloved influencer, (2) rewarding the influencer in accordance of the monetary volume their collection generates, (3) tokenizing a value exchange for influencer promotions.

A Note on Further Double dApp Development

NFTiddy is one of many additions that will be hosted within BUSDY’s Double dApp. The team will be working to bring more unique utilities as the project progresses. There have been negotiations with other talented developers, and community members often share potential white labels they would like to see in the Double dApp.

We cannot reveal our exact plans for the future; however, we can say there is a reason our utilities are hosted within something called the “Double dApp.” Not because double means two, rather, the Double dApp must be big enough to hold a lot of fun stuff.

To access NFTiddy, please visit https://nftiddy.com/