$BUSDY Quarterly Report

A report covering the first 3 months of $BUSDY Token and providing a glimpse of what is to come.

Busdy Token
6 min readAug 25, 2022


$BUSDY Token has officially been running for 3 months! Over this time, it has been full of fun, and the team continues their 24/7 quest to catapult Busdy into legendary status within the crypto realm. The pink-haired anime girl we all know and love will be everything she is meant to be. A force within the BSC, with multitudes of groundbreaking utilities, all while promoting the fun and joy every investor is meant to have.


The NFT Marketplace

NFTiddy is officially live! A sleek and easy to use NFT marketplace created and powered by BitValley. NFTiddy will host a variety of different NFT collections, from those paired with tokens to others that are stand-alone and/or are paired with influencers.

Additionally, NFTiddy will be cross-chain and is officially the first NFT Marketplace on Richard Heart’s highly anticipated Pulse Chain. Currently only on the test-net, the platform is ready to launch on the main-net whenever the Pulse Chain team deploys it. Another chain to look forward to in the near future is Ethereum.

NFTiddy home page with the Pulse Chain explorer option (top right corner).

The Busdy Founders NFT Collection

Along with the launch of NFTiddy comes the Busdy Founders Collection. This is an exclusive collection of 200 profit-sharing NFTs which are now available for mint. At the time of writing there are 34 Founders NFTs left at a price of 2 BNB per mint.

Additionally, as it is noted that NFTiddy will be cross-chain, holders of the Founders NFTs can expect to be airdropped an identical NFT with the same profit-sharing capabilities on every chain supported by NFTiddy. Meaning, if you hold Founders #127 on BSC, when NFTiddy is live on Pulse Chain you will be airdropped the Founders #127 on PLS.

For more information regarding the NFT Marketplace and the Busdy Founders Collection, please click here.



As for the first collection to be up for auction, we have spoken to the CMO of Vdora and partnered with them in hosting their 1000-piece collection of 2D Goblin NFTs. This collection minted 14 months ago and has been sold out for quite some time. They are now looking for a cooperative marketplace to host their collection and NFTiddy was the perfect fit.


Additionally, another partner to look forward to is one created by the loyal and talented Busdy community member Defi_Vader. His collection of vivid characters from an alternate dimension will be story-driven and offer holders several means of earning passive income. Further details on this partner will be unveiled as it progresses.

James England

Finally, we have partnered with James England, a prominent and extremely talented British artist/creative director based in Hong Kong. This is something to look forward to, as his endeavor is to use his brand to curate augmented reality (AR) NFTs and to give his hand-crafted luxury bears digitalized life through crypto and NFTs. To learn more about James and his art, please click here.

In his studio, James is setting up his luxury bears.

There are other partnerships in negotiation as well. From tokens with NFTs, to strictly NFT projects, and even with influencers who are not in crypto at this point in time. As negotiations develop, further NFT partners will be announced.


As technology advances and the means in which individuals partake in social discourse evolves with time, it is evident that the Metaverse may be a big deal. With this knowledge, the Busdy team has acquired several high-caliber plots of land within one Metaverse and are in talks to acquire a Diamond plot in another. On this land we plan to build “Busdy’s Bordello,” advertising all we have to offer, while supplying a place for fun in the respective Metaverses.

Negotiations are also taking place in hopes of onboarding the NFTs sold within some of these Metaverses and hosting them for sale exclusively on NFTiddy.


Beyond NFT and Metaverse entities, Busdy plans on formulating partnerships with other prestigious DeFi platforms.


The first of which being Variegate Token. Busdy will be featured as one of the 7 weekly rewards within this ecosystem for the month of September. As Busdy was one of the poll winners for the month of August, we automatically qualify for their September polls to be featured as a reward in October as well.


Further, RocketFi will be listing $BUSDY on FloatieSwap as well as offering us as a smart rewards option on their dashboard. Look for the FloatieSwap listing by Q4 of 2022 and the smart rewards option sometime in September as RocketFi holders will be able to include Busdy into their diversified rewards portfolio.

DFS Mafia

Additionally, Busdy is collaborating with DFS Mafia, a crypto integrated fantasy sports platform. Busdy will stand by the likes of other prestigious crypto projects on DFS and host our own daily fantasy sports contests. More details on these contests will be provided by DFS Mafia as their platform nears release.

Other partners outside of NFTs and the Metaverse will come, with some being in negotiation. For now, those are the only three we will reveal.


As far as listings go, we have yet to apply for CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko. Of course, once we are listed on those platforms, a lot of doors in terms of marketing and tracking open up. We are strategically mapping out these listings and they will come; we just want to make sure it is at the most opportune time.

Another platform we are looking at listing on is Flooz Trade. This is a platform that allows individuals to buy $BUSDY with FIAT, or their credit card. Listing on Flooz should come around the same time as CMC and CG.


It should be known that we have not pushed marketing for some time. In 3 months, up until this point, we have only spent $1,725 in marketing. From NFT sales, we have a war-chest in marketing funds.

This is about to change.

Flooz Trade is essential in our marketing endeavor, as a lot of the marketing we will do will target people that may not know how to operate PancakeSwap or other DeFi tools. They simply have a credit card and want to buy crypto.

Social Media Marketing Campaign

In reaching these individuals we will be deploying marketing campaigns on various social media platforms. Team member WenLambo was able to build data analytic interfaces to help us target audiences with hand-picked ads that will over-index. There will be a variety of ad types in this campaign, but it will start with swipe-up ads on TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook. Along with the swipe-up ads, we will promote various tweets and other posts that are deemed as important announcements. Further, YouTube shorts, as well as YouTube pre-roll ads will be included in the campaign as well.

Billboards & PR

Beyond a Social Media campaign, we will entertain other creative marketing methods. We teased the idea of getting a 1-hour billboard spot in Times Square, only to be provocative, hire a camera man to take a video of it, and then hire PR companies to write stories on the ad.

We also have our own pre-written Press Releases we will be putting out. These PR’s are smothered with SEO terms and phrases which will aid in populating $BUSDY on any and all search engines.

The Marketing Engine

Additionally, we are still developing our programmatic marketing engine that can target audiences using a custom built next-gen deployment platform. Interviews have been conducted all month to bring together the brightest minds to build this marketing tool.

The 20 Token League

Further, $BUSDY is one of 20 tokens participating in a #UniteDefi Fantasy Football league hosted by Variegate. Winners of this league reap the rewards of free exposure and marketing, and our community is encouraged to participate and have some fun as we root for our pink-haired babe as every other token gets beat by our girl.