Busdy: Contract Migration & Entertainment Domination

Busdy Token
4 min readOct 3, 2022


This article will provide insight into our contract migration as well as revealing plans for the future of Busdy and a unique utility we will be bringing to the table.

Busdy Contract Migration

At this time, Busdy has been trading for over 4 months, yet we will be migrating to a new and more secure contract on Ethereum network. There are some features we want to add, and some we want to take away, while also shifting contract leadership and maintaining all that is DeFi.

To start, we will be migrating to a contract that has no blacklist feature, as well as no pause trading feature. Holders from 1 to 750 will receive 1:1 airdrops. The only exception, the supply held by blacklisted bots that bought before the official launch on May 25th will be burned.

Flominana will hold the keys to the contract, and all the wallets receiving taxes within it.

The new contract will be named Busdy, with a ticker of $BADDIES. I will reveal the thinking behind that later in this article.

Taxes will be 12% buy and 12% sell opposed to 10% buy and 15% sell, dropping the round-trip taxes by 1 percent.

Along with the ETH migration, we will still be giving BUSD rewards. The decision to move to Ethereum comes on the back of ETH v2 and their proof of stake blockchain which enhances its speed while lowering transaction costs.

We also know that anime is extremely popular on ETH, and the utilities we will be bringing are unique and a first of their kind on that chain, making them easily marketable.

Since BSC wallets automatically come with an ETH side, as both blockchains are EVM compatible, we will be airdropping the wallet that held the original BSC Busdy with tokens on the new ETH contract. For any questions revolving around the migration and accessing the ETH side of your wallet, feel free to contact members of the team.

We plan to have all of the airdrops distributed, liquidity added and locked, then we will enable live trading on the new contract sometime on Wednesday, October 5th (subject to change).

A note on the leadership structure: Astro has stepped down as the CEO and lead developer of Busdy. From now on, Flominana will control the contract and him, Cypher Knight, and WenLambo will act as a governing body of leadership for any and all future ventures pertaining to Busdy.

Astro will still play an important role as a marketer, and a vital piece in bringing our upcoming utility to life.


This one is massive.

If you all love Busdy, you will love her friends. Busdy will be releasing its highly anticipated anime-themed NFT collection, created and designed by the talented @LarkDurker, “Baddies.”

Baddies is an ensemble cast of characters along with the original Busdy girl. They will hold different rarities and dependent on the rarity comes potentials for various revenue and exclusive access opportunities.

Ultimately, these characters will be featured in a full-length animated motion picture. Yielding the first crypto oriented project to create character NFTs and translate them into the cinematic realm of animated entertainment.

“Baddies” Artistic Teaser

This film will consist of the Busdy Baddies not only being baddies, but also being crypto and blockchain informative. An anime styled experience full of babes, action, and technology. What better than a band of kickass anime girls introducing ever-expanding audiences to the world of crypto? It’s exceedingly marketable and relevant in this worldwide revolution of tech as we know it.

If you don’t know already, members of the team already have Hollywood experience and a host of different skillsets making this endeavor entirely achievable.

When it comes to the shared revenue opportunities, we want the NFTs to be profitable. They will distribute a share of the revenue generated by the movie. Of course, at this time we do not have exact percentages as we are weighing our budgeting options with different production companies. More information will be given in regard to the profit-sharing potential of the NFTs as negotiations continue.

At this time, the world the story will unfold within is already built.

To make it fun, we will have planned voice chats within the Busdy telegram in which investors can observe and even provide input on the movie making process. We will write parts of the script live, unveil the story-board and the process behind the art and animation, have script reads where different members can portray different characters, and much more.

We want this to be a fun and hands-on experience for all, allowing everybody to have a seat at the table during the creation of the Busdy cinematic universe entertainment property.

The Future of Busdy

Considering the ETH migration and the new contract mechanics, as well as the Baddies NFT collection and the Busdy cinematic universe; the future is bright.

These changes and additions present us with endless opportunities in terms of marketing and branding.

Doors will open welcoming all sorts of different individuals, from your avid crypto investor to entertainment connoisseurs.

We hope to not only create profitable opportunities for our community, but to foster inclusive collaborations with all whom want to participate in the creative processes of our future utility; a utility that could very well be a stepping stone in worldwide crypto adoption.