Busdy $BADDIES: Enter the Ether Realm

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6 min readOct 22, 2022


Busdy $BADDIES migrated from BSC to ETH on Tuesday, October 18th and brought with them some innovative contract mechanics and utilities. Here is a review of the migration and a look ahead.


This article will serve the purpose of covering the ETH migration and certain metrics revolving around the contract, detailing our marketing outlook, and providing insight on development in terms of NFTiddy and both NFT collections.

Notes on the ETH Migration

True Market Cap and True Burn

To start, we will cover the market cap and our true burn function. Before we migrated, a little more than 20% of our supply was burned. This contract has a true burn feature, a feature our last contract did not have. When we initiated the burn, those tokens were completely taken out of the supply, making our new total supply 792 million tokens.

DexTools and DexScreener have a tough time reading a true burn. They calculated a double burn, as if we burned just over 40%, though Etherscan reads it correctly. This is not a contract issue, instead this is an issue with the charting platforms API.

What this means is our true market cap is much higher than the chart reads. The spot price of the token reflects this correctly.

At the time of writing, the market cap reads 98.24k on DexTools. The spot price is 0.0001678, which would be a market cap of 167.8k with a 1 billion total supply. Since we only burned 20%, the difference between the spot price and the market cap should only be 20%, putting us somewhere around 120k.

Updated Tax Structure

Since we burned just over 20% of the supply, our 12% rewards are effectively 20% higher than what we advertise. This fact, paired with some suggestions from the community, lead us to lower both the buy and sell tax.

From now on, our taxes will be 9% for buys and 9% for sells. Rewards will be 5% in and out, for a total of 10%. Due to that 20% burn, that 10% is effectively 12%, the rewards percentage we advertise.

A graphic displaying USDC reward distribution at various levels of volume within this new tax structure.

Additionally, our liquidity ratio at the time of writing is 50% when paired with our true market cap. When paired with the cap read by the charting APIs, it’s about 60%.

With the change in tax structure, we will also be lowering the LP tax to 0% on both buys and sells for now, as well as changing the dev to 1% both ways, and marketing to 3% both ways.

When we divert tax to LP again it will come from the marketing or dev cut, the rewards will always stay 10%.

Marketing Outlook

Programmatic Advertising

We will start split-testing programmatic ads on various social media platforms this week. We are going to start with Twitter and TikTok. We will then move onto Facebook and Instagram, and finally on YouTube.

The purpose of these split-tests will be to understand what over-indexes on each platform dependent on the parameters we install to the advertisements. From there we will be able to deploy these ads at a larger scale more effectively.

What goes hand in hand with these ads will be an integrated feature such as Flooz Trade which will allow people to buy Busdy $BADDIES with their credit card. Since we cannot specifically target only crypto traders, this feature will be optimal in convert those looking to take their first step into the crypto realm.

Multi-Platform Influencer Promotions

Along with our programmatic ads we will be inquiring with various influencers for promotions on different platforms. We want to focus this mainly on Twitter and YouTube, but we are open to promotions on other platforms as well.

These promotions can come in the form of a written post, a video, and Twitter Spaces. Twitter Spaces being one of our main focuses at this stage.

YouTube promotions we mainly want to do when the BADDIES NFTs are nearing mint. Since YouTube requires a lot of media, that collection, as well as some script pages and a concept trailer would be perfect.

Though, we do have a lot of media as it stands, through NFTiddy and some elements on our socials. So we will be looking into such promotion even before the NFT mint. Though, bigger YouTube influencers should be saved for that moment.

Additional Marketing Plans

Concerning the automated marketing engine we have been working on. Our ears are still open as we are looking for the right individuals to get the job done. One thing that came to our attention is that some of the APIs on certain platforms are constantly changing and nearly impossible to automate.

However, the ETH migration opens up new doors in that respect. Platforms heavily populated for BSC are not utilized to that extent on ETH. Some of the easiest APIs are hardly used by BSC at all, but they are used on ETH.

That being so, we will continue developing this tool as it will be useful in the future.

Further, those that have been around since the beginning probably know that we took our time to get our SEO right. You should also remember that we said it takes roughly 3 to 4 months for google to populate SEO. For the most part, our SEO should be populating on search engines more and more as we drive traffic to our platforms using the programmatic ads and other promotions.

We also have PR articles already written that are full of SEO and ready to get deployed on various platforms. Their purpose more-so being to populate on google when people search phrases like “what crypto is going to make me rich” and “the next Shiba Inu” opposed to supplying a quick pump after publication.



We are currently working with our developers at BitValley to get NFTiddy live on the Ethereum Network. Further, UI and UE updates are being made as well.

At this time NFTiddy is only live on Binance Smart Chain and Pulse Test-net; explore the marketplace at nftiddy.com.

We will likely start onboarding collections from partners when the ETH side is completed and live. From partners that already have NFTs, or are planning them through a token, to influencers within different industries that will use their NFTs to perform their services through, we have been in negotiations with a lot of brilliant individuals for months, and they are excited.

For more information on our partners, and our thought process on how we formulate partnerships and how influencers could benefit, please refer to one of these articles: Busdy Stuffs its Double dApp with more Face-melting Utility, Quarterly Report.

Furthermore, we will be finding more NFT partners in preparation of the integration of the Ethereum Network. We already have some, but we want as many as possible.

If you know of any potential partners for NFTiddy, please direct them to this application.

Busdy Founders NFTs

At the time of writing there are only 10 Busdy Founders NFTs left on Binance Smart Chain. Remember, these are the only versions that come with a free airdrop of a founders NFT on every chain that NFTiddy goes live on. Meaning, when NFTiddy goes live on Ethereum, those who hold a BSC NFT will receive a free version on ETH.

The founders are profit sharing. 25% of all marketplace revenue gets distributed to the holders of these NFTs. If you happen to have a BSC version which will come with an ETH and a PLS version, all 3 of those NFTs will reward you in passive income on their respective chain.

Click here if you want to mint one of the last founders NFTs on the Binance Smart Chain.

Busdy BADDIES NFT Collection

The Busdy BADDIES NFT collection will come after the ETH side of the marketplace is live, as these NFTs will be minted on Ethereum’s network.

These NFTs will generate volume for the founders, as well as being paired to the entertainment property of the animated feature film. These NFTs offer early access and profit-sharing opportunities dependent on the revenue created by the entertainment properties they are attached to.

We will do a deep dive into the Busdy BADDIES collection and the Busdy Cinematic Universe in our next publication. For now, we can tell you that the art is completed, the world is built, the story is being developed, and we are gauging interest from production companies for funding.

More information on the Busdy BADDIES NFT collection can be found here.