$BUSDY: A Month in Review

Busdy Token
4 min readJun 28, 2022


This article will go over the last month of $BUSDY Token, covering the progress that has been made in terms of growth and development, as well as an overview of what one can anticipate in the coming future.

Growth & Expansion

Community & Socials

To start, the $BUSDY community is absolutely phenomenal! Every last member plays such an integral role to the success of this token. Our gratitude goes out to them, and, if you are one of those dedicated members, thank you for the support and keep up the great work; this is only the beginning.

Expanding on that, $BUSDY now has a presence on 8 different social media platforms! For links to each, please visit https://linktr.ee/busdybsc. Our Twitter and Telegram are the most prevalent for now, respectively garnering roughly 9,000 and 4,000 members.

Further, we are looking for someone who is Tik-Tok savvy! We are going to run some Tik-Tok cosplay competitions, as well as other promotions. If you believe you have adequate experience on that platform and can sufficiently represent $BUSDY, please contact the team at busdybsc@gmail.com.

On the Chart

In terms of price action, we launched 1 month and 3 days ago at roughly a $1,500 market-cap. Since then, we have touched $3 million and are consolidating around $1 million at the time of writing. To note, $BUSDY has prevailed in times where the general crypto market has shown fear, yet the $BUSDY chart remains in a validated daily uptrend.

As stated before, the community has played an integral part in our growth. We pride ourselves on being substantially organic. The $BUSDY team has paid for 2 AMA’s in that time. The rest of our expenses consist of contests for the community and buybacks. The buybacks were strategic and are briefly outlined here: https://medium.com/@busdybsc/launch-procedures-pros-con-s-1ddd6975addb.


General Branding & the Website

As for $BUSDY’s branding and the website. This project has come a long way since launch. To this day, we consistently build upon both of these elements.

In regards to the general branding, we started with a simple drawing. That drawing then evolved into our current anime girl. However, simply having an endearing anime girl for a logo is not everything. We tooled around with various shades of pink and purple, hundreds of different fonts, and gigabytes of graphic design to perfect the logo.

Similar to the general branding, the website has been under constant development. We are always finding ways to improve. For both visual and strategic reasons (strategic in terms of marketing). Artistically, we want to conjure an exuberant crypto experience where anime meets innovative DeFi.

The Double dApp

The Double dApp is a function we implemented to hold all the utilities $BUSDY will host. That is why it’s the Double dApp, not meaning “two,” rather, to hold a lot of ‘stuff.’

That was fun.

Stay tuned for the first massive utility that will be hosted within our Double dApp.

Marketing Tools

As stated before, the team has not succumbed to “traditional” crypto marketing tactics. Instead, we have been developing tools that will be utilized in the days to come.

First, we have been developing a programmatic marketing engine that will target audiences using a custom built next-gen deployment platform. Sounds crazy, right? Well… the first time we tested it we increased our market-cap by $1 million in 20 minutes. So, it’s kind of crazy.

Separate from our marketing engine, we have been creating a portfolio of unique videos and banners that will be used for targeted pre-roll ads and banner placements on strategically selected platforms.

A Glimpse into the Future

Further Development

Noting on the Double dApp, get ready for… NFTiddy.

NFTiddy will stand as a first-to-market NFT Marketplace. A marketplace created by a renowned developer within the crypto realm. Upon release, expect an article relaying the unique offerings and use-cases for NFTiddy.

Further, the team is always on the lookout for other groundbreaking utilities. Ones that aren’t normative within the nature of crypto. Ones that can be monetized and supplement token holders with profit in respect to dApp volume. There are others in mind. Ongoing negotiations even, but, for now, NFTiddy is all we’ll reveal.

Artistic Branding

It has been said, $BUSDY is always improving and looking for ways to innovate. At the time of writing, there is an ongoing art competition. We want an anime artist that can draw our $BUSDY girl, as well as a few other unique characters. These characters will be used in branding and in ads. In fact, we have contemplated creating a manga. We have those who can write the story, we just need a seasoned artist.

For details on the competition, please refer to https://twitter.com/BUSDYBSC/status/1537641516407087105?s=20&t=LERv6KUBIZLH7wWVSKKoAQ or, for an artistic job inquiry, please email the team at busdybsc@gmail.com.

Marketing Outlook

Concluding with marketing, we are moderately reluctant to reveal our full plan. What there’s to say is, we have been in talks with many influencers. There is a common understanding that we are not inclined to use influencers but, the relationships are built.

Beyond crypto influencers, we have plans to build relationships and partnerships outside of this realm. Some of which are quietly transpiring. These partnerships can be revealed as negotiations advance.

Further, we will be scheduling more AMA’s as well as some Twitter Spaces in anticipation of our grand marketing campaign.

The overarching campaign will consist of programmatic targeted ads and strategies that will put $BUSDY in the face of everyone our data has approved. From your everyday crypto enthusiasts to the casual person who is just getting into crypto for the first time, $BUSDY will prove to be a welcoming environment for all.